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Posted: 08-06-2015
I love these collars!!!
Patricia Meyer
Posted: 12-28-2013
Received the Potcake T-shirt for my friend who has a Potcake now. She LOVES the shirt!
Leslie John
Posted: 12-03-2013
Love the potcakes
Posted: 12-02-2013
Just love the tropical collars for my Potcake!!
Sandie Collins
Posted: 12-02-2013
Love your beautiful collars an leashes. Miss Isla Potcake feels like a princess in her collar.
Posted: 11-30-2013
nice stuff
Cathy Moore
Posted: 11-24-2013
Now you really have my email, not just FB! Two of the collars I ordered will go up for auction to support our local dog park, so if you could, I'd really like a couple of business cards to go with them. Thanks!
Jackie Moccia
Posted: 10-18-2013
Love the collars and absolutely love love my potcake Aura..
Thomas Fellin
Posted: 10-17-2013
Great collars!
Posted: 08-22-2013
Laura Finch
Posted: 08-22-2013
Love these tropical collars!
Diana Baker
Posted: 08-09-2013
Great site, super job thank you will be ordering collar and bandana for our Shih Tzu we are in St. croix and we rescued our little guy and he is just the best dog ever. Want him to have the "Island" look. Thank you for all you do for the animals.
Teresa Thomason
Posted: 08-09-2013
Love these dogs....and the collars too!
Chris Sayer
Posted: 07-18-2013
Love the colors!!!
Kim Rogers
Posted: 05-31-2013
Would love something personalized -- something stating Potcake and a name: "Hi - I'm Kelo and I'm a Potcake" :) Love your products
Posted: 05-02-2013
These are very cute collars.
Erin Monett
Posted: 04-29-2013
I'd love to order some of these! Too cute.
Lynda Carlson
Posted: 04-26-2013
I have 3 amazing potcakes!
Faith Lambert
Posted: 04-25-2013
Your products are beautiful! It's hard to decided which one I want for my pooch. If only I could afford them all! He'd be rockin' a new style every day.
Posted: 03-27-2013
I love my potcake
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