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 "Potcake" is the Bahamian term for the thick, leftover food that remains in the bottom of a pot of peas 'n rice after several reheatings.Traditionally, Bahamians fed potcake to the outdoor, indigenous dogs that freely populated the Bahamas. Hence the dogs have come to be known as Potcakes. Although officially considered mixed breed dogs, the Royal Bahamian Potcake is now a recognized breed in The Bahamas. They have distinct characteristics of size and temperament. This is because, until very recently, all island dogs shared the same isolated gene pool. This makes the Potcake an extremely unique species of canine. Throughout the islands, you can see many of these local dogs that are in desperate need of a home and someone to love them.

Nonprofit organizations rescue the homeless dogs on the islands, and help to get them adopted, when these animals otherwise may have not had a chance of surviving on their own. Many tourists go to the islands for a relaxing vacation, and end up finding so much more—a family member and lifetime friend.
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