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Adopt a Potcake Dog for Christmas – Rescue Save Love

Hi all. Please consider opening up your home this holiday season to a dog in need. There are lots of potcakes that need loving families.

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Potcake Needs a Home – In Fort Lauderdale – Your chance to adopt

Peaches, a “purebred Potcake” from Freeport is looking for a new home. She is not even 6 months old. Peaches was adopted from the HSGB as a tiny puppy and has been in a loving home with a fur sibling and three girls aged 10 to 15. The family is having some sort of a crisis and the mom and the girls will go back to Alaska until at least next summer. The older dog and dad are staying in Freeport. Go figure???? anyhow, they decided to give up little Peaches. Tip, that runs HSGB,  didn’t want to bring her back to the shelter for obvious reasons and was lucky to find a lady who flew over last Sunday and was willing to bring Peaches over.

Peaches (we think she looks more like a “Foxy”) is fostered by Mandy, Mike and their two 4-legged kids. She is doing great. She was at the dog park yesterday and loved it. Peaches loves to play and to cuddle. Anyone that is looking to adopt a great little Potcake please email me for more information at shopkeeper@potcakecollars.com

This is her on the right.



Potcake Puppy lift update:

The reason why we have not had a puppy lift for a while is that Delta doesn’t accept our Bahamian health certificates anymore. They want health certificates issued by a US vet which is financially and logically impossible for us. We are working and trying to convince Delta . Can you imagine, if Delta flew cargo out of Freeport they would accept Bahamian  health certificates for the dogs to travel anywhere in the US… and why should Delta care where the health certificate is issued if the dogs have already cleared customs well before boarding any Delta aircraft. Very frustrating……..

Potcake Donation Drive 2013

Please click the donate button to contribute and help.

100% of donations go to help the rescue groups in Nassau, Bahamas.


Potcake Collar Winner – Barracuda Blue

Congrats to Carol from New Jersey.

Barracuda Blue is the winner of the name contest. Here is her potcake Molly rocking it.

Looking good.

New Potcake Collar – Name Contest Winner – Tropical


Congratulations to Carol from New Jersey. She is the winner of the collar naming contest. Thanks to everyone that submitted a name.

Adopt a Potcake Dog – Rescue from the Island of Nassau

Amanda from Alm0st Home Rescue in Nassau asked me to help out with one of her rescues. Coast was found with some serious injuries. Amanda made sure he was given the  medical attention he desperately needed and found him a home. He now lives in Boston with his new family. We certainly enjoyed having him around.

Potcake Puppy Lift – Directions and Information

Hi Potcake Friends and Volunteers,
Yes, we are still on for a Puppy Lift this Friday, July 12th.
We meet at GBX, directions are attached. The plane is supposed to arrive between 10:30 and 11:00 am.
As you know, all hands, eyes, ears and brains are needed to make this rescue happen.
If you never experienced the craziness of a Puppy Lift please buddy-up with one of the senior volunteers. We will have a short introduction before the plane arrives.
The puppies and dogs will be nervous upon arrival. Some seem to be calm but as soon as the kennel door opens they try to bolt out. We have slip leads available. Rule #1 is to put the slip lead completely over the dog’s head and ears BEFORE it gets out of the crate. That’s why we have two people assigned to one crate.
Some of the dogs are so scared that they don’t want to come out of their crate. We don’t force them out. They wouldn’t go potty anyhow.
For the puppies we have puppy pens. Lynda Carlson is our assigned PS (puppy specialist). Small puppies are carried in their crates to these pens. No need to put them on slip leads, they don’t know what a lead or leash is yet.
Okay, I’ll stop here now. Those of you who helped before know that Puppy Lifts are challenging and those of you who are new…. I don’t want to scare you. You all will do a wonderful job and without your help these dogs wouldn’t get a second chance.
As you know, this is not an adoption event. But if you fall madly in love with one of the Potcakes please let me know. Some of the dogs are already adopted or go to foster/to adopt homes. If you have friends who want to adopt a Potcake please have them fill out an adoption application before the next puppy lift.
I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Friday at GBX. Feel free to forward this email to your friends. Please let me know if you are available on Friday and we might need transportation help on Saturday too.
If you have any questions, concerns please let me know.
BTW…we have plenty of paper towels and black garbage bags. If you want to bring water, gloves, dog treats that’s fine.
See ya! And thanks a million on behalf of our Potcakes.
Scott 954-309-2261
P.S. Check back in on Thursday. We may have weather issues to consider.
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