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Dog saved from drowning with CPR – Tampa

A scary situation turns out ok in then end. We are so happy for this dog and it’s owner.


One of the witnesses, Ignacio Torano, 28, who lives on Davis Islands, said the dog drank too much water. “I was far away when I heard someone yell, ‘Can you get the dog, get the dog’,” he said. “This dog barely had his head above water,” said Torano, who frequents the dog park.

The dog’s owner ran into the water with her clothes on, Torano said, and lifted the dog out of the water, then brought her back to shore.

She wasn’t breathing.

In the video taken by Torano, you can see a crowd around the pup while someone is seen giving her chest compressions. It was her owner, Torano said, who was giving mouth-to-mouth, trying to revive her. A voice could also be heard yelling, “Come on, Xena! Come on my girl!”

Torano said he turned off the camera when he saw Tampa Firefighters in a firetruck pulling out of the parking lot, and he chased them down to help.

“They came out and sort of took over the situation,” said Torano.

After a few minutes, the dog was revived. “She’s sitting up! She’s sitting up!” someone yelled. Xena sat up and someone carried her away, while the crowd thanked each other for jumping into action so quickly.

Torano said he didn’t know the dog’s owner, but it appeared the dog would be OK…and he was right.




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Rock your Potcake Collar



Adopt a Potcake Dog for Christmas – Rescue Save Love

Hi all. Please consider opening up your home this holiday season to a dog in need. There are lots of potcakes that need loving families.

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Potcake T-Shirts – Support Island Dog Rescue

Fresh off the presses. New Potcake T-Shirts are here. Be sure and surprise the Potcake lovers in your life with a new potcake shirt. A portion of the sales are going to our potcake donation drive this month.


Tornado Survivor Finds his Missing Dog Buried Alive Under Rubble – Illinois

Jon Byler Dann, below, survived the devastating tornado that struck Washington, Ill., by hunkering down in the basement clutching his four children – ages 8, 5, 2½ and 1½. But an important member of the family was still in harm’s way.

Before the storm, as debris started to hit his house, Byler Dann had tried to coax the family dog, Maggie, into the safe room. The skittish animal refused to leave her kennel. After the storm passed, Byler Dann emerged from the basement to find that his home of five years had been destroyed above him. Maggie was missing and Byler Dann assumed his beloved pet was dead.

Nearly 30 hours later, while searching through all that was left of 1322 Coventry Drive, family friends heard a faint bark coming from beneath where they were standing.

They immediately started digging and discovered Maggie buried beneath the rubble, wrapped in a piece of carpeting.

Byler Dann burst into tears. Maggie was shivering, filthy and in obvious pain. But she was alive.

Maggie is being treated for a dislocated hip, but is expected to be okay. Byler Dann, 37, has had the 11-year-old dog since she was 4 months old.

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Via the Weather Channel.

Kick your dog’s dry food up a notch

Our dogs love wet food. Although buying cans of wet food can be expensive, and it kind of stinks. I want to share a cheap and easy secret you can do to make your dog’s life that much better. Around our house we add just a little chicken or beef broth to our dog’s dry food. They absolutely love it! A container of broth is about $2, and is well worth it. So pick some up next time your at the grocery store and give it a try. Your dog’s will love it too.

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