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Potcake Needs a Home – In Fort Lauderdale – Your chance to adopt

Peaches, a “purebred Potcake” from Freeport is looking for a new home. She is not even 6 months old. Peaches was adopted from the HSGB as a tiny puppy and has been in a loving home with a fur sibling and three girls aged 10 to 15. The family is having some sort of a crisis and the mom and the girls will go back to Alaska until at least next summer. The older dog and dad are staying in Freeport. Go figure???? anyhow, they decided to give up little Peaches. Tip, that runs HSGB,  didn’t want to bring her back to the shelter for obvious reasons and was lucky to find a lady who flew over last Sunday and was willing to bring Peaches over.

Peaches (we think she looks more like a “Foxy”) is fostered by Mandy, Mike and their two 4-legged kids. She is doing great. She was at the dog park yesterday and loved it. Peaches loves to play and to cuddle. Anyone that is looking to adopt a great little Potcake please email me for more information at shopkeeper@potcakecollars.com

This is her on the right.



Potcake Puppy lift update:

The reason why we have not had a puppy lift for a while is that Delta doesn’t accept our Bahamian health certificates anymore. They want health certificates issued by a US vet which is financially and logically impossible for us. We are working and trying to convince Delta . Can you imagine, if Delta flew cargo out of Freeport they would accept Bahamian  health certificates for the dogs to travel anywhere in the US… and why should Delta care where the health certificate is issued if the dogs have already cleared customs well before boarding any Delta aircraft. Very frustrating……..

Christmas Time is our favorite time of the year – Dog collar and bandana

Tree has been up and we are in full Christmas mode. Our old girl Mako turns 13 this month. She has been with me a long time. Love me some Christmas and love me some Mako.


Potcake Nation

I love to see all my dogs out there in the Potcake Nation. Our extended family continues to grow.



Happy Labor Day

We’re back in town… after a long weekend in Ohio, to visit the inlaws. It was a nice change of scenery, but it’s nice to be back in sunny Fort Lauderdale. Mako & Trouble Mac D stayed over at Petie’s house. It was Troubles first time staying there, and she did well. Luckily she had Mako to show her the ropes. I want to wish my Potcake people a happy labor day. Stay safe out there.

Here’s one of the shots from my Barnacle Hounds flikr group. It’s one of my favorites from the group.  Taken with a  USB ‘spy cam’ on a South Indian beach. A moment of canine relaxation


dog fish

Dolphin fishing – Friday Fishing Vid

I’m always on the look out for good fishing vids. I love this one. It’s dolphin fishing at it’s finest. These guys are loving life, and catching dinner at the same time. Living the dream…

Enjoy this week’s Friday Fishing Vid, brought to you every Friday by POTCAKEcollars.

Have a great weekend!!! and be sure to get out on the water…

 bring your dog too… and make sure your dog’s rockin’ their POTCAKE … 😉


Hurricane Dog

There sure is alot of action in the tropics. We’ve got Earl and Fiona out there now, but I bet you didn’t know there was a Hurrican named Dog.

No 16 of the world’s worst hurricanes

Hurricane Dog was, without a doubt, the most intense hurricane to occur during the 1950 Atlantic hurricane season, primarily striking Leeward Islands and was considered the most severe hurricane in Antiguan records.

The death toll of the hurricane was, thankfully, minor when compared with other hurricanes, but thousands were left homeless as a result of the storm.

hurricane dog

Read the whole story at this link : http://hubpages.com/hub/Hurricane-Dog

Stay safe out there…

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