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Peaches the Potcake Update – Adopted


I am happy to report Peaches the potcake has been adopted. She now has a family, thanks to her new owners Misti and Gary, and Peaches now has a sister. Misti and Gary adopted their first potcake just about a year ago. Sapona the potcake is from Bimini. They fell in love with her and when she saw Peaches’ story and pics they could not help but add another potcake to the mix. They now have dogs from Bimini and Grand Bahama to accompany a flock of parrots they have taken in over the years. We are very happy for Peaches and her new family. Misti and Gary are owners and publishers of the Coastal Angler Magazines. Hopefully we will soon see a potcake article in one of their magazines 🙂

Here she is with Sapona.

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The New Face Of Potcake Collars


I am very happy to introduce Tiki Marie.

On Friday I helped out with round 2 of the 2013 Potcake Puppy Lift. Let’s just say round 2 did not go quite as smoothly as round 1 did. The day started with the plane being delayed leaving Freeport. It landed in Fort Lauderdale, cleared customs, and then waited for an hour until the control tower cleared the plane to cross the busy runway. Unfortunately the first batch of dogs missed their connecting flight to Denver. Thanks to Heike and the volunteers plan B was put into action. Tip from the HSGB also helped to coordinate the hurdles and eventually all the dogs made it to their final destinations. In total, over the two lifts, 170 dogs and 3 kittens were airlifted out of the Bahamas. That is just awesome! Great job to everyone involved with this year’s lift.

I was very fortunate to meet a pup that caught my eye. A little 18 pounder, with the name Mulan, was in one of the first couple crates to be wheeled off the plane. Everyone in my house has been bummed out since losing Mako last month, and I have been wanting to find the perfect big eared potcake to bring into our family. I walked her and quickly began to realize that she maybe the one. Later I spoke to Heike and Ken about her. They said hang out with her and make sure she was what I was looking for. It did not take long before I pulled the trigger. It was definitley the right decision. We have taken her into our home and we are all smiles.

I later found out her story. Members of the HSGB were in the process of trying to catch another dog they had been trying to catch for weeks. It was in a seedy industrial area of Freeport, and they heard a puppy crying. She was found in a junkyard and locked in an old broke down bus. The floor was covered in feces and there were some empty styrofoam containers but no food or water at that time. No one was around so they took her back to HSGB. She was a little scared at first but very sweet and quickly discovered the joy of being clean, running, playing, and just being a dog.

We decided on Tiki Marie for her new name. I chose Tiki because of my love for tiki bars and huts everywhere, and Marie was Mako’s middle name. It just seemed right to have a little of Mako in her, and Tiki is a very cute name that fits her looks and personality. You will be seeing a lot of her. TIKI is now the new face of Potcake Collars, and an ambassador to promote the awareness of the plight of potcake dogs from the Bahamas and Caribbean.

Tarpon Boca Grande – Friday Fishing Vid

In honor of our 1 st annual ONLINE SNOOK & TARPON Tournament, I have chosen a vid featuring some nice tarpon fishing over on the west coast of Fla… Haroldtampa went viral a couple years back and got over a million views. It’s got some great footage.

Enjoy this week’s Friday Fishing Vid, brought to you every Friday by POTCAKEcollars.

Have a great weekend!!! and be sure to get out on the water…

 bring your dog too… and make sure your dog’s rockin’ their POTCAKE … 🙂

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Fall is here at Potcake Headquarters

I love the HOT summers down here in south Fla… but come August I’m over the heat. We’re well over the hump and now entering fall (Florida fall that is) It’s going to be beautiful for the next 8 months or so. I figured I’d post some pics of our tropical foliage we get to enjoy here at PH.

Dancing with the stars

One of the hottest shows on t.v. is Dancing with the stars. I’ve stumbled on a possible future champion. This dog wins our award for best dancer in the four legged catagory… even though she only needs two legs to pull it off

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