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Leisure Diving (Better than Planking)

If you thought planking was fun…. try a Leisure Dive… Mako did. 🙂

Dog Swims with Dolphin

We just bought a Kodak Sport camera, and have been having some fun with it.

Beach it – Mako – Tropical Dog Wear

Here is our latest vid. It features Mako, our superstar, heading to the beach for a little R & R.

POTCAKE Pummelvision

Good Monday morning all. I discovered a new site. It’s called Pummelvision.com

It compiles all your photos into a video. Here is our Pummelvision that was put together using the pics from our Fliker channel.

BARK PLAY RELAX – Tropical Dog Collars

Thanks to BetterDuck Studios for putting together this little POTCAKE vid. Enjoy!

Mako’s Cribs Episode

First dog episode of cribs.


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