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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Potcake Collars 🙂

Doggy Photo Shoot

It is great to see the pics people send in of their dogs rocking potcake gear. Check out Cookie. She is wearing Blossomtini collar from our Bimini Dog line.

Thank you Justin for sending in these great pics of your girl.

Justin happens to be the head of my web team.



If you need an amazing website and web support team…..  use Farin & Basch for a top notch experience.



Bacon and Peanut Butter Dog Treats Recipe

Tiki and Mac D love treats. I want to share one of there favorites. This recipe makes about 20 – 30 treats, depending on how big you end up making them.


  • 1 cup plain oats
  • 1/3-cup butter
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1/2-cup cornmeal
  • 1-1/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2-cup milk
  • 1 cup smooth peanut butter
  • 1/2-cup bacon bits


  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.
  2. Combine the oats, butter and boiling water in a large bowl. Allow the mixture to rest for approximately 10 minutes, until it becomes sticky in consistency.
  3. Add the cornmeal, flour, egg, bacon bits,and peanut butter to the oatmeal mixture, and stir until flaky.
  4. Slowly add the milk to the peanut butter mixture, stirring well until a stiff dough forms.
  5. Scoop up the mixture by the tablespoon, and roll into balls.
  6. Arrange the balls on a baking sheet that has been sprayed with cooking spray and mashed down with a fork – bake for approximately 40 minutes, or until crisp.

You can make your dog biscuits more festive by using your holiday cookie cutters to shape the dough, or you can twist two smaller pieces of rolled dough together for a treat with lots of texture.




Tornado Survivor Finds his Missing Dog Buried Alive Under Rubble – Illinois

Jon Byler Dann, below, survived the devastating tornado that struck Washington, Ill., by hunkering down in the basement clutching his four children – ages 8, 5, 2½ and 1½. But an important member of the family was still in harm’s way.

Before the storm, as debris started to hit his house, Byler Dann had tried to coax the family dog, Maggie, into the safe room. The skittish animal refused to leave her kennel. After the storm passed, Byler Dann emerged from the basement to find that his home of five years had been destroyed above him. Maggie was missing and Byler Dann assumed his beloved pet was dead.

Nearly 30 hours later, while searching through all that was left of 1322 Coventry Drive, family friends heard a faint bark coming from beneath where they were standing.

They immediately started digging and discovered Maggie buried beneath the rubble, wrapped in a piece of carpeting.

Byler Dann burst into tears. Maggie was shivering, filthy and in obvious pain. But she was alive.

Maggie is being treated for a dislocated hip, but is expected to be okay. Byler Dann, 37, has had the 11-year-old dog since she was 4 months old.

Click to see original article.

Via the Weather Channel.

Peaches the Potcake Update – Adopted


I am happy to report Peaches the potcake has been adopted. She now has a family, thanks to her new owners Misti and Gary, and Peaches now has a sister. Misti and Gary adopted their first potcake just about a year ago. Sapona the potcake is from Bimini. They fell in love with her and when she saw Peaches’ story and pics they could not help but add another potcake to the mix. They now have dogs from Bimini and Grand Bahama to accompany a flock of parrots they have taken in over the years. We are very happy for Peaches and her new family. Misti and Gary are owners and publishers of the Coastal Angler Magazines. Hopefully we will soon see a potcake article in one of their magazines 🙂

Here she is with Sapona.

Check out the Coastal Angler Sites




Captain Jeff Maggio the Lunkerdog fishing for Tarpon with his dog Tipsy Rocking her Potcake Collar

Our old friend Captain Jeff Maggio is known as the Lunerdog. He is a Tapron and Snook legend in the south florida area. He also has the biggest saltwater fishing series on the internet. BDS New Media produces and distributes all the videos via their Youtube channels. The have over 17,000,000 views and counting. His dog Tipsy was out fishing with him recently, and was looking great in her Potcake Collar. Rocking her Aloha print while fishing the New River in Fort Lauderdale.

Be sure and check out the new RUN THAT DOG website.



Potcake Needs a Home – In Fort Lauderdale – Your chance to adopt

Peaches, a “purebred Potcake” from Freeport is looking for a new home. She is not even 6 months old. Peaches was adopted from the HSGB as a tiny puppy and has been in a loving home with a fur sibling and three girls aged 10 to 15. The family is having some sort of a crisis and the mom and the girls will go back to Alaska until at least next summer. The older dog and dad are staying in Freeport. Go figure???? anyhow, they decided to give up little Peaches. Tip, that runs HSGB,  didn’t want to bring her back to the shelter for obvious reasons and was lucky to find a lady who flew over last Sunday and was willing to bring Peaches over.

Peaches (we think she looks more like a “Foxy”) is fostered by Mandy, Mike and their two 4-legged kids. She is doing great. She was at the dog park yesterday and loved it. Peaches loves to play and to cuddle. Anyone that is looking to adopt a great little Potcake please email me for more information at shopkeeper@potcakecollars.com

This is her on the right.



Potcake Puppy lift update:

The reason why we have not had a puppy lift for a while is that Delta doesn’t accept our Bahamian health certificates anymore. They want health certificates issued by a US vet which is financially and logically impossible for us. We are working and trying to convince Delta . Can you imagine, if Delta flew cargo out of Freeport they would accept Bahamian  health certificates for the dogs to travel anywhere in the US… and why should Delta care where the health certificate is issued if the dogs have already cleared customs well before boarding any Delta aircraft. Very frustrating……..

Kick your dog’s dry food up a notch

Our dogs love wet food. Although buying cans of wet food can be expensive, and it kind of stinks. I want to share a cheap and easy secret you can do to make your dog’s life that much better. Around our house we add just a little chicken or beef broth to our dog’s dry food. They absolutely love it! A container of broth is about $2, and is well worth it. So pick some up next time your at the grocery store and give it a try. Your dog’s will love it too.

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