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Potcake Painting – Mako from Potcake Collars – Bahamas Art

Grandma Shirlster did an excellent job painting Mako’s portrait.

Thanks Grandama!

Potcake Collars – Tropical Bahama island hawaiian dog collars and bandanas

The official dog collars of potcakes everywhere. Worn by dogs across America and from the Caribean to Canada and even across the pond in London we have a few.

Ask for us in your local pet store!

Jimmy Buffett – Why Don’t We Get Drunk And Screw

Happy Valentine’s Day Week!!…Let’s get the Party started with a Love Song from a slightly different point of view!!

Pigs in the Bahamas

I bet you never thought you could run across a wild pig in the crystal clear waters off the Bahamas. Actually it is a pretty common experience if you spend much time roaming the flats. When your polling around hunting down that bonefish you just might cross paths with a few of these guys. 🙂

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