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Hammerhead Shark Attacks Boat – Friday Fishing Vid

You never know what you may run into poling around the flats. A 12′ foot hammerhead is always a possibility if your poling the flats of the Bahamas. This biggin’ makes for a fish tale these anglers will never forget.

Have a great weekend!!! and be sure to get out on the water…

 bring your dog too… and make sure your dog’s rockin’ their POTCAKE … 🙂

Cover Puppy App

All you i-phoners check this out.

CoverPuppy is an iPhone application that finally allows YOUR adorable dog to get the spotlight they deserve!

CoverPuppy is the quickest and cutest way to show your friends and family exactly what new mischief your mutt is up to using all those new-fangled social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Fido now has his fifteen minutes of fame!

A portion of our proceeds go to the ASPCA to fight animal cruelty, so you are doing good for all dogs while making your dog look good


Potcake Review – One2Try.net

Thanks to one2try.net for the great review.

Click here to link to one2try.com

Dude, Fido, Ginger, calling all our doggy friends, this is Pepper and Fonzie. You have got to check out the tropical surfer fashion for us at Potcake Collars. We give them all paws up!

Travel with us to the islands. Potcake Collars started during travels to the Bahamas. Potcakes are indigenous dogs of the Bahamas and are in need of help. Many nonprofit agencies help out these dogs of the islands.

The islands themselves are the inspiration for the colors and styles of Potcake Collars. Bright tropical colors in gorgeous island florals will make you pup the envy of the doggy park. Even the names take you away to the Bahamas. Pink Coral, Navy Blue Parrot, Green Turtle and Gummy Shark just to name a few.

Courtesy of PotCake Collars, my Pepper has a new look. We received the delightfully lagoon colors Blue Berry Collar. The colors are bright blues, white and vivid turquoise. It looks stunning against her light brown fur. It looks even better on Fonzie’s black fur! The collar is a smidge too big for her small dog size and is much too big for my smaller Fonzie but for the moment it stays on, it is so adorable. When you order make sure you are choosing the correct size for your pooch!

PotCake Collars also sells super adorable tropical reversible Bandanas  to compliment your collar.

Check out the gallery of happy dogs all wearing Potcake Collars or Bandanas.

Order yours directly online. Give your dogs a taste of the islands. You are sure to be a hit at the beach or the park. The prices are just $14.95 each with 20% off orders over $50. The shipping is a small $4.95 flat domestic rate fee. 

Connect with Potcake Collars


I have sad news to report. My brother’s dog Bailey passed away over the weekend after a difficult and expensive surgery. Last week she began to shake and became very lethargic. They rushed her to the vet to find out a tumor in her stomach burst. She was rushed into surgery to remove it. After a successful operation she was set to recover. Three days into recovery the stitches came loose and she passed away.

Bailey was rescued 5 months ago near the Tampa airport. She was found limping with a large tomor on her leg. My brother and his wife scooped her up and rushed her to their vet and had the tumor removed. Bailey was an old dog… we’re not sure how old though. One thing we are sure of… she hit the doggy lottery for the last 5 months of her life.

She was a sweet old dog.

Here she is at Thanksgiving rockin’ her Christmas Potcake.

Happy Presidents Day

Happy Presidents Day to all my Potcake people. In my opinion dogs are a must to complete any family. President’s families are no exception. Click here to read about some out 1st dogs over the years.

Here is a pic of President Reagan, along with the first lady and first dog, getting off of marine one.

Potcake Production – Hawaiian Dog Collars

Here’s a peek into our in-house Potcake production. Made in the USA

Potcake Headquarters – Fort Lauderdale. 🙂

and Trouble Mac D rockin’ her Creamsicle

How to get an Osprey Tenant

A pair of osprey was building a nest in a neighbor’s chimney, so we are hoping that they relocate to my brother’s new platform.   We  installed it in his vacant lot in the Sanctuary. 


BARK PLAY RELAX – Tropical Dog Collars

Thanks to BetterDuck Studios for putting together this little POTCAKE vid. Enjoy!

Bonefish Tahiti – Friday Fishing Vid

This week Potcake takes you to Tahiti for Bonefish. Their is something magical about fishing the flats. Once you fish the flats you quickly understand the love anglers feel for this type of fishing. I know it quickly hooked me.

Enjoy this week’s Friday Fishing Vid, brought to you every Friday by POTCAKEcollars.

Have a great weekend!!! and be sure to get out on the water…

 bring your dog too… and make sure your dog’s rockin’ their POTCAKE …

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