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BARRACUDA – Friday Fishing Vid

This week we have the largest boat show in the world in our backyard. The Fort Lauderdale Intenational Boat Show is in town. It’s a traveling circus of the latest and greatest in high end boats and more.

So here is a quick vid of Capt Jeff catching a huge barracuda right there in the intracoastal waterway in Fort Lauderdale, a few years back. You can even see some of those meag yachts in the background.

Enjoy this week’s Friday Fishing Vid, brought to you every Friday by POTCAKEcollars.

Have a great weekend!!! and be sure to get out on the water…

 bring your dog too… and make sure your dog’s rockin’ their POTCAKE … 🙂

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Sweeps4Bloogers Potcake Collars Review


Review – Potcake Collars

October 24, 2010

Potcake Collars
Bark. Play. Relax.

These collars are beautiful – bright colors and fun prints.

When I heard the name of the company, I thought maybe it was a typo and that it should really start with PET instead of POT. But no. Potcake is the correct name and here is the story behind it:

“Potcake” is the Bahamian term for the thick, leftover food that remains in the bottom of a pot of peas ‘n rice after several reheatings.Traditionally, Bahamians fed potcake to the outdoor, indigenous dogs that freely populated the Bahamas. Hence the dogs have come to be known as Potcakes. Although officially considered mixed breed dogs, the Royal Bahamian Potcake is now a recognized breed in The Bahamas. They have distinct characteristics of size and temperament. This is because, until very recently, all island dogs shared the same isolated gene pool. This makes the Potcake an extremely unique species of canine. Throughout the islands, you can see many of these local dogs that are in desperate need of a home and someone to love them.

So now I know what a potcake is!

And I also know what a Potcake Collar is. Each of the collars has an island look – makes me wish I was on vacation (ok… it doesn’t take much to make me wish I was on vacation…) The collars at least remind me of an island vacation.

The collar in the top photo is the Creamsicle. The colors would work well for a boy or girl dog. There are lots of other colors and designs available.

There are 3 sizes – small, medium and large. Each one can be easily adjusted to get a good fit.

All collars are machine washable.

HOW TO CONNECT – You can friend Potcake Collars on Facebook.

Disclaimer/DisclosureReview sample provided to me.


I love this version of Rodeo Clowns. Jack Johnson rocks this perfect surf song to some insane waves.

Enjoy yet another POTCAKE certified JAM from our soundtrack… be sure and make it part of yours.

Amigo The Potcake

AMIGO was a young former stray ‘Bahamian Potcake’* found starving and diseased on Grand Bahama Island. Little more than skin and bones, face etched in misery, covered in mange and filled with fear, he was rescued by BEKIND founder, Frances Hayward, then head of The Humane Society of Grand Bahama.

AMIGO, after rescue in 2001 and AMIGO in 2004, featured in a HSGB ad run in a Dupuch Publications Tourist Magazine 

 Physically rehabilitated, AMIGO, with his adorable looks and sweet, extroverted personality became the perfect poster dog/star for The Humane Society of Grand Bahama’s National Awareness Campaign. Soon his face was everywhere as he became a major media personality in the Bahamas, referred to as ‘Potcake Star Amigo’ as well as an Ambassador of Hope on behalf of homeless and challenged animals.

Amigo has since passed away after a battle with cancer while living in New York. The legend of Amigo lives on.

A playful website for children that teaches the significance of being kind to animals has been created. Geared for children of all ages.


A Bahamian style music video to go with it, staring Amigo…

ONLINE Snook and Tarpon Tournament update

Mike Smith Scores first in Capt Jeffs online Tournament

Mike had a strong showing and is leading the tournament.

He lost a 100lb fish right next to the boat and measured a 42 inch tarpon to be first on the board.


Good luck on your second night maybe next time you’ll measure that 100 lber!

Potcake Collars is glad to be a sponser of the Capt Jeff Online Tournament. You can register right up to the end of the tournament and fish any two days you want and wherever you want.  


Adopt a Potcake

Royal Potcake Rescue USA


All pets are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, dewormed, have flea preventative,
have heartworm preventative (dogs) and are tested for FIV/FeLV (cats).
Adoption fees: $175 for dogs/puppies,
$100 for cats/kittens unless otherwise noted
Available for Adoption — OCTOBER 2010

DORA: I had 5 puppies, and am through with motherhood! I’m about 1.5 years old, sweet and friendly, and weigh about 13 pounds. LIVINGSTONE: I’m cute, fun, friendly and happy! I like to follow you around all day! Dora is my mom, and I will be around 20 pounds full grown. I’m about 3 months old.
CHIPPER: I’m a sweet boy with a waggy tail! I love everyone! I’m about 5 months old. MICKEY: I’m playful and a lot of fun, and will need an experienced doggie owner. I’m about 4 months old.

Royal Potcake Foundation is based out of Georgia. They can ship dogs or cats anywhere you are. If your not in a postion to adopt please consider making a donation to there organiztion. 🙂

Pussy the Potcat

Just got my new foam board. Ready for those cold front swells that are not that far away. 🙂

Pussy, our resident Potcat, is a big fan of it as well.

We’re waiting on our next batch of fabrics… they should arrive this week. My guess is new collars and bandanas will be debuting in the next few weeks. Just in time for the Holidays! and we have some great things that will be on our accessories page real soon???


Check the Lunkerblog (http://lunkerblog.com)  for online tournament updates.

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